Are Psychic Readings Limited To Paranormal Ability?

The term “psychic reading” actually exists as a modern way of describing a very old practice in divination. In modern culture, people are more likely to refer to such mediators as “psychic readers” rather than “fortune tellers”. Psychic reading has a long history, with high profile people including royalty and politicians seeking tellers who have called themselves anything from mystics to shamans.

Many skeptics point a condemning finger at psychic readers, suspicious that claims made of the metaphysical world are all frauds. While undoubtedly there are scam artists in the mix, the genuine psychic can be recognized by proof of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). ESP allows for an individual to sense things that most people are oblivious too, sometimes giving them the ability to predict future events or interact with spirits. There are a variety of abilities that come with ESP, such as clairvoyance or clairaudience. Clairvoyance refers to visions, while clairaudience indicates the individual’s aptitude in hearing information.

Just as shamans in tribal societies have had the ability to sense approaching visitors from extensive distances, many psychic readers can help read what surrounds you and your future. To be able to retrieve information with ESP, the psychic reader must tune you in first. By concentrating on your person and those who form your closest circle of friends and family, the psychic reader can more accurately acquire information that may be useful to you.

psychic readings

Contrary to most assumptions, psychic readings are not limited to paranormal ability. It also encompasses knowledge, skill, and empathy. Readers must learn to control the powers and accurately interpret them, while also sharpen their tact in presenting advice and empathy. Many have adopted the use of certain tools such as Tarot cards, runes, and crystals. With the use of Tarot cards, readers can use the images on each card to connect to your personal life story and interpret a deeper meaning.

Psychic readings may also involve the practice of contacting spirits. This particular practice is done by individuals known as “mediums”. Mediums can call up the spirit of the deceased, channel them, and even apply this practice to animals as well. Their practice presumes that life after death exists and often presents comfort to those who have lost loved ones.

It is important to note that ESP manifests uniquely depending on each individual who has it. That being said, a visit with one psychic reading may differ greatly from another in regards to their method of obtaining information, but the information (assuming it is about the same thing) should match up pretty well. Some psychics practice their abilities specifically to provide information on a particular topic such as love, wealth, or personal counseling. This means that certain psychic readers may refuse to give information on a particular topic if it goes against their topic of expertise.

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Undoubtedly, a psychic reading gives an individual the unique experience of learning about their higher self. It is a fascinating opportunity to connect with yourself spiritually and renew a sense of purpose for your life.


Psychic readings have become extremely popular these days that more and more people are seeking it for a sense of admonition. And since the invention of internet, psychic readers have also taken advantage of modern technology, making readings more hassle-free. However, on second thoughts, does online reading really surpass the conventional person-to-person consultation? Or is the latter still much better? Let’s explore the possibilities of both ways.

Online Psychic Readings: The Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It’s very convenient. If you have internet, you can get a reading anytime, anywhere! You don’t have to search on your local directory or newspaper for a psychic. All you need to do is google it and with the click of your fingers, you will find endless choices of readers on the World Wide Web.
  • It can be a real time-saver. For people who have busy jobs or those who just don’t have time to look for a local psychic reader, online readings might just do for them. You don’t have to leave home or work to get a psychic consultation.
  • It maintains your privacy. There are those who just don’t want anyone to know that they’re consulting a psychic so they turn to the internet instead in the comfort of their homes. 


  • Connection might be difficult. A psychic reading requires the reader to connect with the client’s energies to get a good outcome. However, if you’re in a distant location from a psychic consult, the reading might not be as effective as doing it face-to-face.
  • Takes more time to build a relationship. Since you can’t see your reader face-to-face, trusting or putting your confidence in him might not be that easy. And that cloud of doubt makes it harder to connect with your reader.
  • Not advisable for tarot reading. Planning to get a tarot reading? Doing it online might not be best. In tarot reading, the client actually needs to integrate his ‘energy’ not only with the reader, but also with the cards by participating in splitting the deck of cards into three stacks. This makes the link between you and the psychic stronger.

In Person Psychic Readings: The Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Sense of personal touch. Since you can actually see your reader, this makes the session more meaningful as you are talking to a real person with eye contact. Rapport can also be readily established.
  • More effective reading. Being seen in person will greatly help your reader efficiently pick up your ‘essence’ by observing your expression and how you’re feeling. That helps result to a more accurate reading.
  • Easier to detect scam artists. That feeling of eye contact or observing a person’s actions face-to-face can save you a great deal of time and money from fraud psychics. Although, there are some who are really good actors. But seeing the reader in person makes it easier for you to spot a faker than via online.


  • It needs an appointment. Sometimes you may have those critical questions that need immediate answers. But a psychic reading in person usually needs to be scheduled and you might have to wait for some time.
  • Locally limited. You may have good references of a real reader from your friends but if that psychic is distantly located, you will surely have second thoughts on taking that trip. Not to mention the double expense you’ll be making. That leaves you no choice but to search for readers only near you.

Everyone wants a good and fulfilling psychic reading and to get one, it actually depends on the psychic’s capabilities and not really by any of the two forms of readings discussed above. It’s also a matter of personal preference and perception. It’s your choice.


Palmistry is the art of reading palms to predict one’s future and personality traits. The lines of the palm are mainly the basis of palmistry. Each line has its own meaning or interpretation depending on its length, curvature and appearance. This article discusses the major lines of the palm and its significance.

The Life Line

The life line is the line that looks like a semi-circle that starts below your palm and runs closer to your thumb’s base. Contrary to popular belief, the life line is not the length of your life nor does it indicate the time of your death. Some palmists believe that it is the most important of all the palm lines because it represents the whole well-being of a person which mainly includes the overall health and physical status. It determines the susceptibility of a person to sickness or any health afflictions in the past, present and future.  A life line that forms a wide semi-circle indicates that you’re a person who is always full of energy. But if it’s a narrow, curvy line then that means that you get tired easily and your energy is quite low. Long chained markings in the life line also suggest a weak general health status since childhood. A presence of a circle in the life line foretells future injury or hospitalization. If there’s a break in the life line, it indicates lifestyle changes.

The Head Line

The head line is said to be the most noticeable line. It’s usually found between the life and heart line or between the index and thumb finger. It shows the strength of your intelligence or how your mind works. You can read the head line in 2 ways. First is by basing on the 3 segments of the line to see how your intelligence has developed throughout the years. The first segment tells the degree of intelligence you had in your childhood. The second demonstrates your intelligence during adulthood and lastly, the third segment describes what will come about of your intelligence when you get old. The second technique is done by basing on the arcs, divots and length of the head line. A long line means it’s not hard for you to focus on things. If your head line is wavy, it indicates short attention span. Most head lines have a typical downward arc, but if yours is mildly upward then it indicates that your intelligence is progressing high and your mental ability is powerful.

The Heart Line

The heart line runs from the bottom of the little finger to the bottom of the index finger. It unveils your emotional health and how your deal with relationships. A very long heart line tells that you value long-term commitments in relationships. Short lines, however, means that romance does not interest you. Wavy lines indicate you have many short-term relationships and very few serious ones. If the line curves upward, it suggests that you easily rush into love even if you’re not ready. If it curves downward, then you must be the person who breaks off your relationship quickly, even with the most important ones. 

The Fate Line

Not everyone has a fate line, but it is present in most people. It is usually found on the center of your palm’s base towards your middle finger. The fate line is useful in knowing your general success in life. If the line is straight, it means your level of success in life is consistent. A wavering line gives the impression of a shaky career path. An unusually extended upward or downward line informs a sudden and great success or failure for a period of time.

Unicorn Tarot Cards

As a themed deck, unicorn tarot cards work well for many people. A white horse with a straight horn on its forehead, almost everyone is familiar with the unicorn. A set of 78 unicorn cards would make every unicorn lover go berserk.

The Unicorn Tarot

The unicorn is traditionally a symbol of virginity and purity. The unicorn tarot is honored for the mystical beast of legend. Every card reveals one unicorn in the least. The unicorns are interacting with a figure and such interaction gives meaning to the card. These decks were made by Suzanne Star who is a famous English psychic. The art was made by Liz Hilton who is a fantasy art specialist. A companion book comes with the deck.

A Fun Deck for People Who Love Unicorns

Many people, especially children, are fond of these decks in spite of the criticisms. This tarot and themed deck was designed to meet the needs and interests of those who love unicorns. Just like any deck, it won’t be much fun to people who don’t like unicorns.

Unicorn Tarot Deck and Fantasy Art

Unicorn Tarot Cards

If you like fantasy art, then this will be a good deck for you. You will notice that the unicorns really have nothing to do with the tarot and were mainly meant as complimentary characters. Tarot is mainly for you and your questions. If you are a unicorn lover, the unicorns are a bonus.

The Major Arcana, court cards and suit names still follow the traditional names. Wands are called rods in these decks and are very common in this suit. The fantasy art is not bad and the deck is similar to the Rider-Waite Tarot except for the 5 Pentacle card within the Minor Arcana.

Where to Find these Decks

Hundreds of decks are available in the market today. You can review and purchase them online.

Reading Tarot Cards for Yourself

The symbolism and wisdom of the tarot has been used for centuries and its magic and guidance is still used until now. Regardless of what theme you choose for your tarot cards, the cards will still exhibit their unique meanings. Reading tarot cards for yourself requires a lot of practice and experience but one can always begin with the basics.

Basic Instructions on Tarot Reading

A deck or pack has 78 cards which are grouped just like the common playing cards. The cards are classified uniquely as either belonging to the Minor Arcana or Major Arcana. This helps the reader interpret tarot cards that are selected by an individual.

The Minor Arcana is divided into 4 houses each focusing on an event. Here’s a brief outline of their meanings:

Reading Tarot Cards for Yourself
  • Wands – symbolizes life’s challenges.
  • Cups – represents feelings and emotions.
  • Swords – pertains to an important decision.
  • Pentacles – represents practical solutions and actions.

Major Arcana is generally considered as the real deal. When reading the cards of the Major Arcana, it would be very important to be honest, brave and straightforward. Should you find a lot of Major Arcana cards in the interpretation; it is likely that you are going through a very tough and emotional time at the moment.

Interpreting Tarots Cards for Yourself

Tarot cards may be more complicated and difficult to use when you are doing it on your own. Tarot card reading is a personal and spiritual process that requires a lot of intuition, mastery, good judgment and self-expression. You have to get involved in preconceived ideas and situations which may provide you with the answers that you need. The more you practice and become familiar with the cards, the more you will find it easier to read them.

Tarot Love Spells

It’s always been man’s purpose to find happiness and love in life. It is only normal for individuals to aim for love but not everyone can succeed. People who failed in their love life can take the spotlight and could use some assistance. Tarot love spells can help people go for love and find a partner in life.

Tarot Love Spells

Love isn’t solely a scientific thing. A lot of love has something to do with sweet emotion and vision. And this is where tarot cards come into the picture. The readings from these cards are unique, depending on the individual whose fate is being read.

Love and Tarot Reading

Love and tarot reading can be both mysterious and confusing but they are known for providing people with a means of fulfilling their intimate desires. Divinations for example, are an attempt to interpret the omens and other elements surrounding the tarot cards. This is a form of psychic reading. But unlike fortune telling, a ritual or formal ordeal is used when performing divinations.

The Tarot Cards

There are usually 78 tarot cards used over the centuries to foretell people’s fortunes. Every tarot card comes with a different picture and represents a unique feature of an individual’s fate. The cards are spread and laid out in specific patterns before they are read and interpreted. Just some of the more familiar spreads include horse-shoe, Celtic spread, or three card spread. Every card in the three card spread highlights present, past and future events. Each of the cards has something to say about a person’s life and what he or she can do.

Psychic Readings

Psychic readings using tarot cards are a source of awe and inspiration to many people. Many experts and psychologists give credit to tarot psychic reading because of their ability to help people find meaning and purpose in life. But because of the ritualistic and mysterious nature of tarot cards and readings, there are also people who find the prospect disturbing.

But there are more people who are in need of comfort and hope than those who are skeptical of such method. Psychic readings using tarot cards are therapeutic to people. They provide individuals with hints and guides on what could happen in their lives if they do certain things.

The Lovers Card

It is used to read and guide an individual who wants to find or give love. Love spells may also come with these cards to make them more effective. Many people claim that the card has made a difference in their love lives while others say the opposite.

Free Tarot Reading

People are looking for purpose and meaning in life. In ancient times, back when science and technology were still in its very early stages and people believe in magic, free tarot reading was a means of finding meaning and purpose in life.

Free Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

In tarot reading, tarot cards along with their decks are used to guide people in living their lives. Seventy-two unique cards can be found within these decks although the number may vary with other decks. The combinations of these cards will be interpreted for the individual who is choosing the cards.

How Tarot Cards are Used

Tarot reading is governed by a set of rules and the tarot deck presents the tarot cards according to their arrangements and spreads. As an individual asks a certain question, like one that relates to his relationships, the tarot reader would present him with a set of cards over the deck and he can choose which cards to open. The answer to his question lies behind those cards and the interpretation.

Questions that the Tarot Can and Can’t Answer Well

Questions that the tarot can’t answer well are those that involve material things. As material things follow the mindless and sometimes messy laws of nature, it would be difficult to determine their behaviors. Tarot cards are good at answering more specific questions but not so effective with general questions that seem to cover various topics all at once. Generally, tarot reading does not provide yes or no answers to certain questions. You can flip a coin if you want to answer a yes or no question.

It is also important to remember that tarot readings were made to offer insight into the events that take place in an individual’s life. They do not determine an individual’s fate. An individual who gets the readings can alter situations described in the readings and has the choice to change his fate.

Wiccan Tarot Cards

In Wicca, it is believed that we can see powerful forces in the natural world that shapes and influences people’s lives and the world around them. With Wiccan tarot cards, such forces will be revealed and a person can have a good idea of what forces can influence his or her life.

Wiccan Tarot Card Reading

Wiccan readings and interpretations should be done in a peaceful and serene environment. Such an environment may be a secluded room with lighted candles and soft playing music. This helps an individual relax and clear his or her mind. It is also important for an individual to have positive thoughts while going through the procedure.

A person performing tarot reading must concentrate on a certain situation. Questions must be clearly visualized and thoughts must be captured.

How Wicca Works

Wicca cards use a spread of 3 cards laid side by side. The first card represents the past, the second represents the present, and the third represents the future. This may sound easy and straightforward but there is more to it than that. Tarot reading looks into these cards and answer questions about them. Experience, intuition and wisdom are required to interpret what the cards reveal.

Detailed Tarot Reading

Wiccan Tarot Cards

A more detailed tarot reading will require a V-shaped card spread that’s made up of 5 cards. The first three cards should form the V in a downward stroke using the same cards. The last two cards should form a V in an upward stroke and their meanings are different.

One card will pertain to the person’s environment and how they can affect his or her situation. This card represents the external forces at play. The other cards will reveal the outcome of a certain situation after a question is asked.